High Throughput Laboratories, Inc. was founded in 2000 based on the mass analysis business acquired from Mass Consortium, Inc. Over the past ten years, HT Labs has successfully provided mass analysis services with high quality and fast turn-around of results. Furthermore, we expanded the operation to encompass a wide variety of high throughput analytical techniques, such as auto FIA-MS, mass driven prep HPLC, and HT PK studies. Our auto FIA-MS can run as fast as 10 second per sample and is perfectly suited for library QC. Moreover, we employ proprietary microsampling procedures to provide DMPK service with the highest data convergence, fastest turn-around time, and lowest cost. The high throughput PK study program ensures a turnaround time of less than a week for even extensive preclinical PK studies. Our analytical lab routinely analyzes polymers and biomolecules by MALDI-TOF and smaller peptides or chemicals by LC/MS, MSn.  We are also equipped for GC/MS, CE/MS, high accuracy mass analysis, and elemental analysis.

HT Labs refurbishes its own equipment and can refurbish, install and service equipment on a world-wide basis - especially in North America and China.  Instruments can be modified and custom software developed for special needs.  Please contact us if you have quality used laboratory instrumentation you would like to sell.