This service is designed to do quality control (QC) for our customers on libraries generated from combinatorial chemistry, peptide synthesis, or DNA synthesis. Our laboratory is equipped with several robotic systems and capable of inject directly from 96-well micro titer plates.

Our in-house developed software and net server will provide access for our customers to browse their data plate-by-plate or library-by-library using any popular web browser. The data will be available only for the library owner as soon as the injection is done. We accept libraries in 96-well plate format anywhere from the whole world and customer will be able to see their library QC data through the web within one to seven days depending on the size of the library submitted. Other than 96-well plate format, we also run samples in individual vials for electrospray analysis.

One important note: automated electrospray is run in either positive mode or negative mode, not both. If both positive and negative scan are required, the cost will be doubled simply because two runs are required to acquire the data for each sample. However, as part of our preparation for automated analysis, we always test a few representative samples for each library to optimize the elution solvent, the ionization mode (positive or negative), and the instrument conditions. Therefore, our customers usually do not have to run both polarities on their samples.